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A big Happy Birthday Esther! Have a great day! xx

Week 7- Outdoor Learning Week- See class pages.

See class pages for the Summer Reading Challenge!

Hello everyone!


Hope you are all well. The Nursery Team are missing you all so much. So we thought we would add some daily/ weekly activities that would keep you busy. These are optional. We have tried to include things you can do at home with resources you may already have.


Have fun!

Miss Boertien, Mrs Strong, Miss Codona, Mrs Tobin and Mrs Edmondson. xx

P.S. We would love to see your photos and comments. 


Email us your messages, activities and lovely photos at: contactclasses@newinf.cumbria.sch.uk



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If there are things you would like to share or to ask your teacher, please leave a message below! We will respond as soon as we can.

Taken from the homework pack given out in March. For April starters. Literacy and Maths Ideas.


Just a quick note to say the weekly planning will now cover Nursery and Reception. So please choose activities that you think are suitable for your child. These themes will also run in school for Nursery and Reception children.

Try to pick activities from each learning area so your child gets a balance of experiences. You might even want to let them choose...this might make them engage more and be more interested. There are worksheets below the actual planning sheets as well as separate attachments but I understand not everyone has a printer so most of the activities can also be drawn or written out. 

Thank you, Miss Boertien.

Ps Also remember to continue your phonics, reading practise, story time, and lots of physical activities including your Cosmic Kids Yoga, Joe Wicks and outdoors walks, bike runs...Fresh air and exercise are very important!