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Hello everyone!


Hope you are all well. The Nursery Team are missing you all so much. So we thought we would add some daily/ weekly activities that would keep you busy. These are optional. We have tried to include things you can do at home with resources you may already have.


Have fun!

Miss Boertien, Mrs Strong, Miss Codona, Mrs Tobin and Mrs Edmondson. xx

P.S. We would love to see your photos and comments. 


Email us your messages, activities and lovely photos at: contactclasses@newinf.cumbria.sch.uk



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From now on I will post a weekly plan.

I will still continue to put other activities that I think your child might enjoy under the headings too. 

Miss Boertien

Summer Term 2- Week 1- Monkey Puzzle

A big happy 4th birthday Dilara on the 25th of May!smiley 

Lily typed up this quiz for her friends and thought maybe the Nursery children would like to have a go!


Superheroes! 1

If you dont have a printer...can they draw a superhero or spiderman's web, make a superhero badge or use construction to make a superhero car! Miss B.

Happy 4th Birthday Marnie! Have a great day!smiley

Stay at home VE Day celebrations

Contact your teacher

If there are things you would like to share or to ask your teacher, please leave a message below! We will respond as soon as we can.

Happy 4th Birthday Candice! Have a great day. 

Let's have a theme! Trolls!

Candice has asked for a Trolls theme. I haven't watched it and can't find it on TV so have had to ask my daughter to tell me about!! Here are a few activities. 

Miss Boertien 


Trolls Dance-“Can’t stop the feeling”

Still image for this video
Seen as though our theme is trolls here’s a little dance for you to join in with! Miss Codona
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Make Poppy's headband with a plain headband and draw, cut and stick flowers on.
Picture 1
Food colouring shaving foam...practise writing your favourite troll's name or your own name. 

Let's have a theme!

At my house we have been doing lots of practical, hands on tasks which are essential for developing young children's learning and understanding. However my little girl has writing etc to do so during the day also needs time to sit and concentrate. My little boy is not usually interested in mark-making and sitting down tasks until I said he could pick his own theme. Below is the Paw Patrol theme. I set out some of his toys and printed/ made worksheets linked to the theme. He is loving it! So far we have had football, superheroes and Peppa Pig! Miss Boertien

Paw Patrol...

Paw Patrol... 1
Happy Birthday Nelly! 4 on the 23rd of April! Have a great day x 

Taken from the homework pack given out in March. For April starters. Literacy and Maths Ideas.

A big happy birthday to Dylan and Michael! Both 4 years old on the 15th of April. smiley 
Happy 4th Birthday to Annabella for the 10th of April! Hope you had a great day.smiley  

We would like to wish Joshua a huge Happy Birthday who turned 4 on the 25th March! We hope you had a fantastic day! Love everyone at Newlaithes Nursery

We would like to wish Joshua a huge Happy Birthday who turned 4 on the 25th March! We hope you had a fantastic day! Love everyone at Newlaithes Nursery 1