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Ofsted Reports

Information for parents and carers about Ofsted inspections can be found here.


Our last Ofsted inspection was in November 2017. The outcomes were as follows:


Overall effectiveness - good

Effectiveness of leadership and management - good

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment - good

Personal development, behaviour and welfare - outstanding

Outcomes for pupils - good

Early years provision - good


Here are some quotes from the report:


"The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding. Leaders' unrelenting focus on very positive behaviour results in an all-pervading climate of care, safety and personal development for each and every child."


"There is an extremely strong culture of promoting pupils' well-being and safety in the school."


"The headteacher leads the school with strength, vision and compassion. Since the previous inspection, she has successfully maintained a strong focus on improving the quality of teaching and raising pupils' attainment."


In lessons, pupils are actively engaged in their learning because teachers'planning brings the subject to life. Staff work hard to ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential."


"Pupils are humorous, lively and caring. They take pride in being part of this school. They are understanding of each others' views, opinions and feelings. They display very mature attitudes to learning and all aspects of school life."


"Children are respectful and show good manners, following the strong examples set by staff."


Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports