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Literacy Ideas

A-z scavenger hunt

Can you find objects in or around your house or garden?

Miss Boertien

Puppet show!

So today we made a puppet show box. All you need is a cereal box, baking paper and a torch. Lily drew, coloured and cut her own characters. Leo coloured in 'Gruffalo' and 'Room on the Broom' pictures (I have added these). They then attached them to a pencil with Sellotape.

The reason I put this task under Literacy was because when they performed their stories there was retelling of well known books and lots of speaking and listening involved. Such a great way to get your child to retell a story without them even realising! Miss Boertien.     

Watch Tiddler on Youtube and then make a sea scene. We used the tip of a cotton bud and paint...this art style is called Pointillism. Miss Boertien.

Watch Stickman on youtube and make your own stickmen! My children thought they were very funny! Miss B.

Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson

My little girl's favourite story is Paper Dolls. Listen to this story on Youtube. Have a go at making paper dolls. Again look on Youtube. My little girl wanted to make them the same as the characters in the book but you might want to make your own. 

Miss Boertien

Simple & fun games.

Make a cosy den! Choose your favourite books and enjoy! Miss B.

Perform a show for your family...Can you make tickets, posters and perform some Nursery Rhymes? Do you know them off by heart? Miss B.