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Attendance Cup

Coming to school regularly is very important. Each week the class with the best attendance in school wins the attendance cup - to keep until the next week.


Each month, the class with the best attendance earns a non-uniform day.


Holidays in term time are only authorised in exceptional circumstances. Please remember an unauthorised absence will stay on your child's school record. Only the Headteacher can authorise absence in term time. Please speak to us before booking something that will result in time off school.


Congratulations to:


September 2022Miss Sibley's class97.6%
October 2022Mr Harker's class92.2%
November 2022  
December 2022Mr Harker's class91.5%
January 2023Mr Harker's class97.4%
February 2023Mr Harker's class96.6%
March 2023Mr Harker's class94.4%
April 2023 %
May 2023 %
June 2023