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Through our topics at Newlaithes Nursery and Infant School, we aim to provide interesting and exciting history teaching which promotes historical thinking and encourages children to ask questions.


Children are beginning to understand the importance of British history and that of the wider world. We ensure children learn about local history as well as making our history curriculum diverse. We want our children to learn and use specific historical vocabulary and make links between what they have learnt in different year groups. We ensure children’s substantive and disciplinary knowledge is built on year on year.


In EYFS, children learn to explore the world around them through observing and exploring. We talk about important events in the children’s lives, their families lives and those around them. Areas of the provision are enhanced to encourage children to develop their vocabulary as well as developing an understanding of the past. Children begin to use the language of time and look at similarities and differences between the past and the present.


In Key Stage 1, Children are developing an awareness of the past. They are becoming aware of where people and events they study fit within a chronological framework. Children enjoy educational visits and visitors into school to help gather information about the past. Children are introduced to a wide range of historical vocabulary through stories and other sources. At Newlaithes Nursery and Infant School, children in KS1 think about changes within living memory, significant historical events as well as learning about the lives of significant individuals in the past.

Children in Year 2 have written letters from Mary Queen of Scots.