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At Newlaithes Nursery and Infant School, we aim to provide children with a clear insight to the world of science. Science is part of everyday life, children can see elements of science all around them and in everything they do. We strive to develop young scientific minds and mould our children into keen scientists. We aim to teach children the skills to think independently and ask their own questions about the world around them.


In the EYFS, children look closely at the changing seasons by making observations when outside, this is carried on throughout the year giving the children a real insight to the seasonal changes. Children will look at basic lifecycles such as human, butterfly, tree and plant. Children are given opportunities to grow flowers and vegetables that they observe and then collect and eat for a healthy snack. Children explore how seeds travel around through practical engaging activities. The children look at different environments and habitats in places like Africa or the Arctic, focusing on animals and how they vary.


In year 1 children continue to build their scientific knowledge from reception. Children expand their knowledge looking closer and in more depth at; seasons and their differences; plants including naming the parts and identifying common plants and trees; animals including humans focusing on simple classification, looking closely and comparing different features. Children are encouraged to ‘think and work scientifically’, make comparisons of living things and use more complex scientific language.


In year 2 children continue to build on their scientific knowledge and understanding. children will carry out more in-depth investigations looking at living things and their habitats; everyday materials; animals including humans and plants. Children focus on their own health and how diet and exercise and medication are essential for their health. As in reception and year 1 children will grow plants, focusing on what a plant needs to grow and how removing certain elements will have an effect on the growth.