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Craft and Creative tasks

Paint some stones!

Old pillow case painting!

Art with nature...just don't do it on a windy day!! Miss Boertien.

Make a rainbow using a rolling pin. All you need to do is put blobs of different coloured paint in a long line and then let the child roll the rolling pin, this can also be done with mini rolling pins to make smaller rainbows. Simple but effective!

Make a fortune teller! The origami is a bit tricky and they will need help but it's great activity for learning colours, counting and we put PE activities inside! Miss B.

Make a pretend drink!

Ok so this is a bit of a random task but lots of learning was involved in the end!

Make a pretend smoothie... my children used playdough, slime and out of date sprinkles and cream! YUK! We talked about the colours and textures. They then drew their design.

Be a clothes designer!

So this was a fun task and both children loved it that much that they started doing it again the next day! We used old stained clothes (lots of socks!) and cut them up to make clothes for the Barbie dolls. Lily needed some help and Leo made a couple of jumpers for his superheroes but ended up making clothes for himself! I cannot post the photos as far too embarrassing! He had armbands, headbands, belly tops... 

Miss Boertien

Welcome to the nail salon! Miss Boertien.

Kandinsky Art -Mrs.Harkness

Mrs Harkness Art task- Colour Spinners- example. Miss B.

Sandwich bag colour mixing.

This was real squidgy fun! 

We were learning about colour mixing today... we guessed first and then explored. Just squeeze two colours of paint (a small amount) into a clear sandwich bag, seal the bag and then mix together. 

What colour does black and white make? Or yellow and blue?

Miss Boertien. 

Decorate an old shoe. Miss B.

Nature art tasks...have fun! Miss Boertien.

Read "The Hungry Caterpillar Story" or if you don't have it type it in on you tube where it can be read for you, then have a go at creating your own caterpillar. All you need is some leaves from outside and some felt tip pens!

Recycling Craft Activities.

Doodle hats.

Use paper and sellotape or a stapler to make a hat. This was my little boy's idea. They then took their pen for a walk and coloured in the spaces! Easy peasy! Miss Boertien. 

Make some armour or jewellery!

Use toilet rolls to create arm armour! And tin foil, cereal boxes and string (or a pipe cleaner) to make necklaces. Miss Boertien.

Outdoor rubbings! All you need is a crayon and some paper. Can you find some interesting shapes? Miss Boertien.

Hi everyone, Mrs Edmondson here. 

I have been making creatures using toilet roll tubes and cardboard and foil. If you would like to make one you’ll need some coloured pens, glue/ sellotape and some scissors. You might need to ask a grown up to help you with cutting.

I would love to see if you can make a creature like mine or maybe you have an idea for a different creature.

Mrs Edmondson