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Investors In Pupils

In February 2010 we became the first school in Cumbria to achieve this national award. In April 2013 we were successfully reaccredited. A copy of the report is available below.


Investors in Pupils is all about helping the children to take control of their own learning. The children find out about how the staff in school can help them. They develop their understanding of the resources in school including how much things cost and where the money comes from to buy them.


The children find out more about the five areas of Investors in Pupils.



The children are involved in planning and reviewing their literacy and numeracy targets. The targets are recorded in their books.


Classroom Management

Each class has its own target that they are working together to achieve - chosen by the teacher and children together. The children help to decide on a reward when they have reached the target.



The children learn to take responsibility for their behaviour around school and in lessons. This, combined with the work we do on Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) helps to make the school a friendly and pleasant place to be.



The children begin to understand the importance of attending school. Each week the class with the highest attendance that week receives our special cup to keep for the week. Each month the class with the highest attendance wins a non-uniform day.



Each class has developed its own welcome booklet for new children and adults in the class. Each booklet contains important information and pictures to help new people feel part of our school community.