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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Through this subject our children will have the opportunities to design and make products for real or imaginary purposes. We aim to engage children through everyday problems and by making links across the curriculum. From EYFS children are taught key skills, given time to explore materials, use construction kits, practice through play and are encouraged to be creative.


They will have experience of products already available and use this to inform their own designs. Organisation is actively encouraged through planning and thinking about what their end product will look like and how it will function, the resources they will need, techniques they will use and what equipment they will require.


Children are taught a variety of methods for; cutting, shaping, joining and finishing. They are given time to practice these so that they can apply their skills and knowledge to their own project. During some topics children will make mock ups as part of trial and error, which might lead to them making changes. Being able to adapt as necessary is part of the learning process and children are supported with this. A variety of tools and equipment will be used over the years, providing continuing practice and the understanding of safe use.


Our curriculum covers; mechanisms such as levers and pop ups, making strong stable structures, creating textiles, sewing and food/nutrition. Links to recipes are sent home to encourage further practice of healthy eating.


Evaluating against simple design criteria and scaffolded discussions allows children to reflect on their product in a safe, encouraging way.


We aim for our children to have frequently experienced the design, make and evaluate process, through which they will have improved their expertise practically and developed their technical knowledge.