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At Newlaithes Nursery and Infant School, we encourage our children to gain a curiosity about the world around them. Children learn about human and physical geography and are provided with practical opportunities to practise these skills. Children develop their knowledge about our local area, the United Kingdom and the World. They are encouraged to understand and use basic geographical vocabulary.


In EYFS, children are encouraged to investigate where they live and the immediate local area before being introduced to the wider world. Children then use the knowledge and skills they have learnt to explore the wider world. In Reception, children learn about Antarctica when reading Blue Penguin and Africa when reading Splash! Anna Hibiscus.


In Year 1 enjoy learning about how the weather changes each season. They learn the key features associated with their local area and use this to make a map of Morton. In Year 2, Children explore the wider world again by learning about the continents and oceans. Children enjoy the topic ‘Where in the world is India?’ and compare India to our local environment.

Geography Work at Newlaithes Nursery and Infant School