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Floating and Sinking.

Today I found Lego challenge cards...really good fun! I cut them out and turned them over and we took it in turns to choose one! Miss B.

An example of a Lego challenge card...

Frozen flower petal ice eggs! They are so beautiful.

Or you could make dinosaur eggs...

Make an insect hotel! Bet there are lots of creepy crawlies staying the night!

Mentos and fizzy juice experiment.

Add Mentos sweets into lemonade or coke and watch it fizz! 

Miss Boertien

Baby animals- cut, match and stick. Does your child know their baby animals? Miss Boertien

Magic milk experiment... milk on a plate, drops of food colouring and then washing up liquid in centre and watch what happens. Miss B.

Making potions!

A dollop of mud, a sprinkle of grass, a big leaf and a drop of water...what potion will you make? 

Will it make you fly, become invisible or turn you into a super hero! I'd love to see them! 

Miss Boertien

Scavenger Hunt! Have a good look for these objects inside or outside! Miss B.

Scavenger hunt.

Body parts. Get someone to draw around you...can you draw and label the different body parts? Miss B.

Water play! Leo loved making his animals dirty...just to wash them again! Lily chose to wash her barbies. Miss B.

Milk bottle watering cans! We had nothing to water our new plants...these were great fun to make and then play with. Miss B.

Lego maze marble run! How tricky can you make it! Miss B.

Freezing Fun!

Ice block fun! 

Ok so we did this a little wrong as we added too much yellow food colouring...and if we did it again I would not even put food colouring in! All we did was put water in a glass bowl, added some toy animals (could be any toy) and popped it in the freezer overnight. The next day we put it outside and waited for it to melt. The children really enjoyed trying to pull the animals out and also learned a little science about how long ice takes to melt and what makes ice melt quicker. 

To make it more into a science experiment you could freeze different sized blocks and time them to melt...or put one out on a cloudy day and one on a sunny day and time them? Enjoy!

Miss Boertien. 

Go on a bug/ animal hunt! Name them. Where do they live? What are their babies called? Miss B.


Create a mini den...all you need is two sticks, clothes pegs, stones, string (could use a skipping rope, ribbon etc) and a tea towel! Oh, and of course a teddy to put inside! Miss B.  

Make your own miniature garden...can you plant some seeds in it?

Can you make a miniature garden? It doesn't have to be in an actual garden- it can be in a plastic box, old plant pot etc Look online. Maybe plant some seeds in it? We will definitely be doing this in our outdoor area when we get back to school! Miss B. 

Grow your own rainbow!

Cut out a rainbow shape using kitchen roll.

Colour approximately 2cm up your rainbow on either side (use felt pens).

Hold onto the top with a paperclip and place bottom of rainbow in two small bowls of water...and watch the colour and water travel up the rainbow! 

Miss Boertien.