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Friday 28th May 2021


After finishing school I rushed home straight away to check if the final egg had hatched… it had not! I’m wondering when the egg will begin to hatch? 

Saturday 29th May 2021

I woke up early as Millie wanted her bottle. After feeding and changing Millie I went to check on the incubator to see if there were any changes with the final egg… guess what! The egg has pipped (which means it’s starting to hatch!) I’m very egg-sited! 

Sunday 30th May 2021


After a walk around the cemetery this morning I checked again on the egg… here is what I saw looking back at me!

Won’t be long until the baby is out- for now I’m keeping the hatching egg in the incubator! 




Monday 31st May


This tortoise is taking ages to hatch- nothing much to update you all on. 

Tuesday 1st June 


We have a new arrival!

Finally tortoise number 3 has hatched… have a look at the picture of the tortoise’s plastron (under the shell) it has its yolk sack attached. The tortoise will absorb all its food from this yolk sack over the next day or two. In this time the tortoise won’t need to eat. I will keep her in the incubator until she has absorbed all her delicious nutrients! 

Wednesday 2nd June 


Tortoise 3 enjoyed meeting the other 2 tortoises. Tortoise 3 absorbed the yolk sack and has spent her first night in her new tortoise table. 

Do you have any suggestions for names? If you do, email contacty2@newinf.cumbria.sch.uk